North Campus


  1. Amy Levi, PhD, CNM, WHNP, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Health Sciences Center (HSC)
  2. Camille Carey, Dean of UNM School of Law, Professor of Law
  3. Cameron Crandall, Professor with Tenure, Vice Chair for Research, Emergency Medicine


Members include representatives from:

School of Medicine (SOM), Women’s Resource Center (WRC), Clinical Studies, Pharmacy, Nursing, LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center, SOM Research Education Office, HSC Marketing Communications & EMS



  1. Provide a bystander intervention program available for all students

    • North Campus Working Group will:
      • Along with Prevention Education working group, develop (or contract out) an online bystander intervention program specifically targeted to our professional student population (Law & HSC)
  2. Provide ongoing prevention programs

    • North Campus Working Group will:
      • Catalog existing and previously offered prevention education programs, webinars and pedagogical intersections to see possible cross-school intersections and/or collaborations
  3. Provide access to 24 hr. confidential victim services and advocacy
    • North Campus Working Group will:
      • Support the advocacy available through the WRC North Campus location (Vassar House) with development on marketing materials, campaigns & resource lists
      • Have clearly identified response protocols and resource lists for the North Campus community, that are available students, faculty & staff), with supportive measures and reporting information clearly outlined

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