CCRT Core Team

The University of New Mexico Main Campus’s Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative comprised of University and community partners. This partnership is committed to:

  • Facilitating evidence based mandatory education and prevention
  • Tailored, trauma-informed, victim-centered services and response
  • Promoting accountability and policy that is reflective of this commitment

Our goal is to ensure that ALL members of our community have awareness of, and access to, trauma informed, culturally sensitive services that are both effective and responsive to each individual’s unique needs. The CCRT Core Team travels to OVW's five Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) and share vital feedback with the larger group of co-chairs.


  1. Rosa Cervantes, Director of El Centro de La Raza, Principal Investigator of OVW Campus Grant
  2. Amy Levi, Vice President of Academic Affairs, HSC


  1. Áine McCarthy, Interim Director of WRC, Project Director Supervisor
  2. Miquela Ortiz Upston, Project Director of OVW Campus Grant


  1. Create a CCRT team including both internal and external stakeholders

    • CCRT Co-Chairs will:
      • Hold regular monthly meetings with working group co-chairs and CCRT core members (those that travel to TTIs), to discuss working group projects, troubleshoot and info-share
      • They will also regularly assess (both formally with a survey and informally in quarterly check-ins) the success and functionality of the CCRT and its working groups
      • They will work with co-chairs to ensure all relevant community and campus partners are being contracted into the work
      • Meet annually with University leadership to share grant goals and garner high-level support for grant actions