Engaging Men & Masculine People


  1. Armando Bustamante, Student Programs Specialist for El Centro
  2. Richard Perce, Graduate Student, Community & Regional Planning

Members include representatives from:

African American Student Services (AASS), Student Activities Center (SAC), LGBTQ Resource Center, Men of Color Initiative (MoCI), Veteran Resource Center (VRC), Enrollment Management, Arts & Sciences Advisement, Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS), Career Services, Engineering Advisement, Anderson, ENLACE, Global Education Office (GEO), & the Department of Engineering


  1. Provide ongoing prevention programs

    • Engaging Men & Masculine People Working Group will:
      • With the help of their working group members, create and/or contract out specific prevention and intervention programming (with the support of the Prevention Education Working group) that focuses on engaging men and masculine-identifying people into the work
  2. Provide access to 24 hr. confidential victim services and advocacy

    • Engaging Men & Masculine People Working Group will:
      • With their working group, develop marketing materials specifically targeted to our male and masculine-identified student victims, with collaborations with LGBTQ Resource Center for masculine-identifying (genderqueer, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and transgender) LGBTQIA+ student victims